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Comment author: [deleted] 18 April 2017 01:13:46AM 1 point [-]

Great research! The fact about 1% clicked a link to AMF/GWWC sounds not very bad, if making people donate to EA-charity instead of community charity is important. I wonder how much FB/Google Ad of GiveWell or EA organizations/books would be effective. By the way, the statement AMF can save a life with $3.5K is not literally/exactly true. AMF saves 35 QALY with $3.5K. (http://effective-altruism.com/ea/14k/are_you_sure_you_want_to_donate_to_the_against/) I agree with the practicality of QALY metrics, but the data is $9.4K is needed to actually avert one under 5 death. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KiWfiAGX_QZhRbC9xkzf3I8IqsXC5kkr-nwY_feVlcM/edit#gid=115155829) If QALY should be used instead of $/life-saved metric, donating to Deworm the World Initiative ($676/35QALY), instead of AMF is 5 times more effective. I was a bit disappointed to later realize that I need to donate $9.4K, instead of $3.5K to save a life by donating to AMF.