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Comment author: remmelt  (EA Profile) 12 March 2017 09:18:16PM 2 points [-]

I'm impressed both by how much valuable time this saves for earning-to-givers in the EA community to work on other problems and the how user-friendly and intuitive the UI is (Rob's concerns sound valid though).

Unfortunately, in the tiny country of the Netherlands, it does not look viable yet to link to (or potentially embed this) into a website (like http://effectiefaltruisme.nl/en) because there's no tax-deductibility yet.

Does anyone here have any insights on the following donation-related questions? 1) Are there plans to integrate this with Effective Altruism Foundation at some point to allow for tax deductibility for other European countries (e.g. listing the 4 EA funds in the EAF donation drop-down box)?

2) Is EAF planning on allowing making their donation box embeddable in websites any time this year (I heard talk of it)? https://ea-foundation.org/donate-ea/

I'd also be interested in hearing your arguments on how not to promote donations to EA-recommended charities in general on websites/social media. What big and more subtle mistakes could you imagine outreach people making (e.g. misrepresenting EA?).