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Comment author: [deleted] 22 April 2017 06:09:21PM *  0 points [-]

One small suggestion:

Would you be interested in adding an option to pledge x% above annual/monthly income y (inflation-adjusted), as an additional option which supplements 10%*income pledge?

For example, many people would be interested in pledging to donate everything above certain income level or higher % above certain income level.

Comment author: Julia_Wise  (EA Profile) 08 August 2017 11:25:27PM 0 points [-]

Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

A few people have taken "the Further Pledge" which is a pledge to donate everything above a certain level. I think for most people, the inflexibility there is a major drawback.

We don't have a preset way of pledging that involves a base percentage and an additional percentage of income beyond a certain level. However, members are welcome to donate more than 10% and can calculate the extra as they wish (for example, my husband and I used to have a system that involved both a base percentage and an additional amount before we switched to a simpler system.)