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Comment author: Gregory_Lewis 09 January 2017 04:14:21PM 10 points [-]

Likewise, note that the organization that is mobilizing this project, Intentional Insights, has drawn some criticism in the EA movement and has publicly distanced itself from the EA movement, while still continuing to operate informed by EA concerns.

Well done for linking to the post, but the EA movement has publicly distanced itself from Intentional Insights too:

Will MacAskill (on behalf of CEA)

As documented in the Open Letter, Intentional Insights have been systematically misleading in their public communications on many occasions, have astroturfed, and have engaged in morally dubious hiring practices. But what’s been most remarkable about this affair is how little Gleb has been willing to change his actions in light of this documentation. If I had been in his position, I’d have radically revised my activities, or quit my position long ago. Making mistakes is something we all do. But ploughing ahead with your plans despite extensive, deep and well-substantiated criticism of them by many thoughtful members of the EA community — who are telling you not just that your plans are misguided but that they are actively harmful — is not ok. It’s the opposite of what effective altruism stands for.

Because of this, we want to have no association with Intentional Insights. We do not consider them a representative of EA, we do not want to have any of CEA’s images or logos (including Giving What We Can) used in any of Intentional Insights’ promotional materials; we will not give them a platform at EAG or EAGx events; and we will encourage local group leaders not to have them speak.

Ben Henry (on behalf of the EA FB group moderators):

You may have read this post by Jeff Kaufman et al on a number of concerns with Intentional Insights' operations. In light of the activities it describes and the community's feelings about InIn's behavior, the moderators would like to announce that we are planning to not accept post submissions of InIn content to this group from now on. People working with/at InIn will remain able to comment, and we will consider non-InIn posts by InIn staff on a case-by-case basis.

My view on Intentional Insights remains unchanged from my comment on the open letter. This doesn't look like a good project, but this is in any case overdetermined by the impression InIn is a very bad organisation. I strongly recommend EAs not to get involved.