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Comment author: Gleb_T  (EA Profile) 09 January 2017 04:55:57AM 0 points [-]

Yup, we're focusing on a core of people who are upset about lies and deceptions in the US election and the Brexit campaign, and aiming to provide them with means to address these deceptions in an effective manner. That's the goal!

Comment author: kbog  (EA Profile) 09 January 2017 07:23:31PM 0 points [-]

I mean a core as in a fixed point of interest. E.g. a forum, a blog, a website, a college club, etc. Something to seed the initiative that can stand on its own without having thousands of active members. You can't gather interested people without having something valuable to attract them.

Comment author: Gleb_T  (EA Profile) 09 January 2017 09:51:35PM -1 points [-]

We have a number of collaborative venues, such as a Facebook group, blog, email lists, etc. for people who get involved.