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Comment author: Peter_Hurford  (EA Profile) 04 January 2017 05:00:48PM *  3 points [-]

If you take the 0.6 pledges per hour figure and the $73K per pledge figure both literally, that implies a value of time of $43.8K per hour.

I personally like thinking of it as pledges per hour so people can attach their own personal figure of value per pledge. Personally, since I expect the people I reach out to have an income of $65K/yr and will pledge 3%-10% for 1-5 years, a Guesstimate model I made suggests a value of a pledge at $6500 (95% interval: $1096 to $17,750) and suggests the value of personal outreach at $3900/hr (95%: $280/hr to $10883/hr). This is still quite high but much lower than $43.8K per hour. In fact, it's roughly equal to how well the OMfCT fundraiser did.

I'd be interested to see how these numbers hold out as more people, including myself, try this.