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Comment author: ClaireZabel 19 December 2016 06:10:41AM 6 points [-]

For EAs that don't know, if might be helpful to provide some information about the journal, such as the size and general characteristics of the readership, as well as information about writing for it, such as what sort of background is likely helpful and how long the papers would probably be. Also hopes and expectations for the special issue, if you have any.

Comment author: Denkenberger 19 December 2016 01:03:05PM 1 point [-]

Thanks for the feedback-I have put some more description in.

Comment author: Linch 26 December 2016 07:12:38PM 0 points [-]

I wish I had a better idea of what an impact factor of 1.242 actually cashes out to, in terms of academic influence/prestige. (Though maybe me not knowing that is a good indication that I'm not the right target audience for this post!)

Comment author: Denkenberger 30 December 2016 04:09:29PM 0 points [-]

It means in the first five years, the average paper gets 1.242*5 ~6 citations. The citation rate generally increases in the first decade, and then falls off. So the average paper might get a few dozen citations. This is decent for a peer-reviewed journal. As I say in a comment here, the number of reads is likely much greater than the number of citations.