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Comment author: Gregory_Lewis 27 October 2016 07:22:42PM 7 points [-]

I take this opportunity to note I have made an even-odds bet with Carl Shulman for $1000, donated to the charity of the winner's choice over whether Open Phil's next review of MIRI has a more favourable evaluation of their research.

Comment author: Gregory_Lewis 09 November 2017 01:22:42AM *  8 points [-]

I am wiser, albeit poorer: the bet resolved in Carl's favour. I will edit this comment with the donation destination he selects, with further lamentations from me in due course.

Comment author: Gregory_Lewis 22 November 2017 08:10:02PM 6 points [-]

Carl has gotten back to me with where he would like to donate his gains, ill-gotten through picking on epistemic inferiors - akin to crocodiles in the Serengeti river picking off particularly frail or inept wildebeest on their crossing. The $1000 will go to MIRI.

With cognitive function mildly superior to the median geriatric wildebeest, I can take some solace that these circumstances imply this sum is better donated by him than I, and that MIRI is doing better on a crucial problem for the far future than I had supposed.

Comment author: RyanCarey 09 November 2017 11:39:01AM 5 points [-]