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Comment author: RyanCarey 13 August 2016 08:58:18PM 1 point [-]


My question is whether you could indicate which areas of a map you think are fruitful areas to try to work on. It may be a bit intimidating to see the size of a field like global catastrophic risks. So it seems like it would be helpful to accompany some maps with a scheme for prioritizing the important areas. e.g. if people could know that safe ai engineering is a useful area for reducing gcrs (because not many people are trying that thing) but climate change activism is not (because it's a really crowded area).

I realize this would be a big additional project but I am curious whether you've considered the prioritization problem as relevant to your mapping project.

Comment author: turchin 14 August 2016 12:05:53AM 1 point [-]

I will think about it

Comment author: turchin 15 August 2016 07:54:40PM 0 points [-]

My Identity map is on. http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/lw/nuc/identity_map/

So, some ideas for further research, that is fields which a person could undertake if he want to make an impact in the field of x-risks. So it is carrier advises. For many of them I don't have special background or needed personal qualities.

  1. Legal research of international law, including work with UN and governments. Goal: prepare an international law and a panel for x-risks prevention. (Legal education is needed)

  2. Convert all information about x-risks (including my maps) in large wikipedia style database. Some master of communication to attract many contributors and balance their actions is needed.

  3. Create computer model of all global risks, which will be able to calculate their probabilities depending of different assumptions. Evolve this model into world model with elements of AI and connect it to monitoring and control systems.

  4. Large research is safety of bio-risks, which will attract professional biologists.

  5. Promoter, who could attract funding for different research without oversimplufication of risks and overhyping solutions. He may be also a political activist.

  6. I think that in AI safety we are already have too many people, so some work to integrate their results is needed.

  7. Teacher. A professor who will be able to teach a course in x-risks research for student and prepare many new researchers. May be youtube lectures.

  8. Artist, who will be able to attract attention to the topic without sensationalism and bad memes.