The first AI Safety Camp & onwards

co-author:  Linda Linsefors   Summary Last month, 5 teams of up-and-coming researchers gathered to solve concrete problems in AI alignment at our 10-day AI safety research camp in Gran Canaria. This post describes the event format we came up with our experience & lessons learned in running it in Gran... Read More

Animal Equality showed that advocating for diet change works. But is it cost-effective?

This essay was jointly written by Peter Hurford and Marcus A. Davis. All code for analyses contained is available on GitHub . Summary: Animal Equality and Faunalytics put together a field study testing individual video outreach on belief and diet change. They found statistically significant results on both. Together with... Read More

To Grow a Healthy Movement, Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit

This post is co-authored by Nick Fitz and Ari Kagan and is cross-posted from The Life You Can Save's blog . We’ve all met people who will never be open to the ideas of effective altruism (EA) no matter the framing: your neighbor who thinks that doing good is purely... Read More

Lessons for estimating cost-effectiveness (of vaccines) more effectively

This essay was jointly written by Peter Hurford and Marcus A. Davis.   Summary: We investigated the cost-effectiveness of vaccine research and development to learn about how cost-effectiveness estimates are made and where they might go wrong. By doing this, we became far more wary of taking these estimates literally.... Read More

Introducing Charity Entrepreneurship: an Incubation and Research Program for New Charities

How do we get more EA charities started? There’s a good case that charity entrepreneurship is high impact for EAs , but it seems not many are starting them. Part of the reason is that it’s intimidatingly hard. Not only do you have to have multiple rare and difficult skills,... Read More

The Giving Game Project's 2017 Annual Report

The Giving Game Project has published a report discussing its philanthropy education work, the evidence base surrounding that work, and its plans for the future.  The full report is available here ; the Executive Summary is below. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Since the Giving Game Project’s last detailed update in mid-2016... Read More

It’s Supposed To Feel Like This: 8 emotional challenges of altruism

tl;dr If your efforts to do good ever challenge you in the following ways, know that you're not alone: a "do no (significant) harm" lifestyle; material comfort and financial security; career and spare time; facing what you're not giving, and what you'll never be able to give; social approval and... Read More

List of 80,000 Hours content from the last 2 months, summary of which were most popular, and plans for future releases.

Here's are all the content releases from 80,000 Hours since our last update  here 2 months ago: How exactly clean meat is created & the advances needed to get it into every supermarket, according to food scientist Marie Gibbons The careers and policies that can prevent global catastrophic biological risks, according to... Read More

EA Hotel with free accommodation and board for two years

[Posted about previously here and here ]   Overview Do you long to be free from material needs and be able to focus on the real work you want to do? I know I’ve certainly been in that situation a few times in the past, but instead have lost time... Read More

Effective Thesis project review

This article was jointly written by David Janku and Jan Kulveit from the Czech EA Association.   Within the Czech EA Association we have been running the Effective Thesis project for almost a year now, and would like to share some more information about the project, and our future plans.... Read More

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