A rough estimate of social impact of a psychotherapist in QALYs added

Recently, when I was assessing my career options in terms of impact I prepared a rough estimate of the social impact of psychotherapy. I haven't encountered such an estimate before - other than in a google sheet calculation that I received from an fellow EA via FB. I thought this... Read More

An easy way for charities to increase revenue: Add Apple Pay and Google Pay to donation checkout

"Additionally, “tens of thousands” of Shopify’s merchants now offer Apple Pay for checkout. Web stores supporting Apple Pay have experienced an increase of up to 200% in their checkout conversion rate on mobile." somethingdigital.com/blog/the-key-to-success-in-ecommerce-2017-apple-pay/ This absolutely matches my experience. I've donated to a few of the Google donation drives around... Read More

Meta: notes on EA Forum moderation

The EA Forum moderators (currently Larissa Hesketh-Rowe, Denise Melchin, and Julia Wise) wanted to share some updates and clarifications on EA Forum moderation. Unfortunately the Forum FAQ isn't editable right now (looking forward to having a shiny new EA Forum, with editable sidebar, before too long!) so we’re just adding... Read More

Animal Charity Evaluators Introduces the Recommended Charity Quiz

[ Cross-posted from the ACE blog ] The following post was published on the Animal Charity Evaluators blog earlier this month . We've just released a new recommended charity quiz that allows users to enter in their specific preferences and outputs the best animal charities that correspond to those values.... Read More

Enlightened Concerns of Tomorrow

I've written the below as a response to Steven Pinker's new book "Enlightenment Now" and specifically a dedicated chapter he wrote on existential threats.   Enlightenment Now Steven Pinker’s works span the fields of cognitive psychology, linguistics and human nature. His book “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence... Read More

Why we should be doing more systematic research

One of the big differences between Effective Altruism and other communities is our use of research to inform decisions. However, not all research is created equal. Systematic research can often lead to very different conclusions than more typical research approaches. Some areas of EA have been systematic in their research.... Read More

EA Survey: Sexual Harassment Questions - Feedback Requested

I interested Tee Barnett and Peter Hurford in adding sexual violence questions to the survey. Therefore sexual violence definitions need to be created. There are various challenges involved. Below I have listed the challenges and proposed a set of questions that I think will help work around them. (This does... Read More

Predicting Slow Judgments: Practice Predicting and Generate Data for AI Safety

Ought and FHI's AI Safety Group are collecting data on how people come to judgments over time. Start playing here (no sign-up required)!   Take part and play games about: Fermi arithmetic problems, or Fact-checking political statements (decide if a statement is “fake news”), or Deciding how much you like... Read More

Current Thinking on Prioritization 2018

Summary: This article documents my current thoughts on how to make the most out of my experiment with earning to give. It draws together a number of texts by other authors that have influenced my thinking and adds some more ideas of my own for a bundle of heuristics that... Read More

Is Effective Altruism fundamentally flawed?

Update on Mar 21:  I have completely reworked my response to Objection 1 to make it more convincing to some and hopefully more clear. I would also like to thank everyone who has responded thus far, in particular brianwang712, Michael_S, kbog and Telofy  for sustained and helpful discussions. Update on Apr 10:... Read More

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