Introducing Improving autonomy

Following on from an attempt to define a measure for autonomy , I've decided to try and build a community around exploring the idea of improving autonomy for humanity. I've created a main site  and a subreddit  for discussions.   My plans are to write more on the ideas of... Read More

High Time For Drug Policy Reform. Part 1/4: Introduction and Cause Summary

In the last 4 months, I’ve come to believe drug policy reform, changing the laws on currently illegal psychoactive substances, may offer a substantial, if not the most substantial, opportunity to increase the happiness of humans alive today. I consider this result very surprising. I’ve been researching how best to... Read More

Introducing Enthea

In advance of EA Global San Francisco, I'm launching Enthea , a research project assessing the humanitarian impact of psilocybin.  All that's on the site so far is a landing page with a statement of intent, which I've cross-posted below. Over the next few months, I'll be updating the site... Read More

Effective Altruism as a Market in Moral Goods – Introduction

This is post 1 of a 5-part series, where I tentatively apply the market and network concepts in the table below (links to definitions/examples) to hopefully gain a better applied understanding of how the EA community operates. I welcome your feedback in the comments section throughout.   1) Introduction 2)... Read More

Medical research: cancer is hugely overfunded; here's what to choose instead

  Note: the below was posted to my blog ; I expect formatting etc will be rendered better there. Also some important appendices and footnotes are available there, but not here. Apologies to international readers for the UK slant on this article, although I suspect that a similar story would apply... Read More

How We Banned Fur in Berkeley

Cross-posted from Medium . Late last month, the City Council of Berkeley, California banned the sale of new fur apparel items within city limits. The ban is the second of its kind in the United States, following a 2013 ban in West Hollywood, California.  The group responsible for the ban... Read More

Blood Donation: (Generally) Not That Effective on the Margin

[Note: This originally came out of a  post  on the Facebook group, which was then reversed in light of Gregory Lewis's expert  comments . The substance of this article is his; any errors are mine.] If no one donated blood, a lot of trauma/hemorrhage victims would die, and the world would... Read More

How much donation splitting is there, and should you split?

Cross-posted from my blog . Table of contents Table of contents Summary Many of us split Individual examples EA funds data Naive approach: distribution of allocation percentages Less naive apprach: weighted distribution of allocation percentages Best approach: user totals Other data Arguments for splitting Empirical uncertainty combined with risk aversion... Read More

Paper Ballots in the 2020 US Election

                                                              Here’s a cause which may be worthy of EA attention: trying to ensure that all U.S. states must use... Read More

Reading recommendations for the problem of consequentialist scope?

Determining which scope of outcomes to consider when making a decision seems like a difficult problem for consequentialism. By "scope of outcomes" I mean how far into the future and how many links in the causal chain to incorporate into decision-making. For example, if I'm assessing the comparative goodness of two... Read More

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