Relieving extreme physical pain in humans – an opportunity for effective funding

Pain relief as a potential EA cause area was explored by Lee Sharkey in an excellent EA Forum post in early 2017,  "Increasing Access to Pain Relief in Developing Countries - An EA Perspective" . It has also been addressed in an  article  by Peter Singer, and was one of... Read More

Survey of EA org leaders about what skills and experience they most need, their staff/donations trade-offs, problem prioritisation, and more.

For the third year running we've surveyed leadership at EA organisations about a range of issues where their views might be relevant to EAs’ career decisions: What are the most pressing talent gaps in professional effective altruism in 2018? And which problems are most effective to work on? New survey... Read More

Bottlenecks and Solutions for the X-Risk Ecosystem

This is a summary of a report we wrote to clarify the bottlenecks of the x-risk ecosystem in a pragmatic solution-oriented manner, outlining some of their top-level contours and possible solutions. The report focuses on what we consider to be the two current central bottlenecks: lack of senior talent and... Read More

A Research Framework to Improve Real-World Giving Behavior

Cross-posted from The Life You Can Save's blog .   What’s the best way to “sell” the idea of good giving? The short answer is, nobody really knows.   Marketing has been used to sell just about everything, so it stands to reason that it should be possible to “sell”... Read More

CSER Special Issue: 'Futures of Research in Catastrophic and Existential Risk'

The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk's (CSER) special issue  Futures of Research in Catastrophic and Existential Risk  was recently published. CSER is an interdisciplinary research centre within the University of Cambridge dedicated to the study and mitigation of risks that could lead to human extinction or civilisational collapse. The special... Read More

List of 80,000 Hours content from the last 4 months, summary of what was most popular, and plans for future releases.

Here's your regular reminder of everything 80,000 Hours has released since our  last update  for the EA Forum 4 months ago. If you'd like to get these updates more regularly, you can join our newsletter . We've done a major redesign of our job board, increasing the number of vacancies listed there from ~20 to... Read More

These are the world’s highest impact career paths according to our research - 80,000 Hours

We thought we should highlight a substantial new article we've published which is very relevant to the effective altruism community, and one of the most important - if not the most important - we will publish this year: These are the world’s highest impact career paths according to our research It... Read More

EA community building grant: Lessons learned from working part-time on EA Denmark

Summary We were two people who got a short-term EA community building grant from CEA to work on EA Denmark part-time (Sebastian Schmidt and Philip Porter). In the following, I (Sebastian) will share the lessons we learned which I hope will be of value to other local group leaders and... Read More

Curing past sufferings and preventing s-risks via indexical uncertainty

I once heard some awful screams in the night from a house on fire, which I will never forget. I am disturbed by the fact that some people had unimaginably intense pain in the past - what could be done about it?  There is a hypothetical way to make past suffering... Read More

Memetic Tribes and Culture War 2.0 (Article Discussion)

Here's a great (and long, 40min) article that maps the Western cultural space: Memetic Tribes and Culture War 2.0 . Effective Altruism is part of the mapping, under the label "Rationalist Diaspora". The authors write: Rationalist Diaspora:   Incubated on Overcoming Bias and LessWrong, this is an observer tribe in the culture war.... Read More

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