A lesson from an EA weekend in London: pairing people up to talk 1 on 1 for 30 mins seems to be very useful

We organised an EA weekend in London for people who are already familiar with EA. A review of CZEA "Intense EA Weekend" retreat was helpful to us so I am sharing the lessons we learned as well.   Table of contents Main lesson: 1 on 1s seem to be very... Read More

Announcing the second AI Safety Camp

What is the AI Safety Camp? Would you like to work on AI safety or strategy research and are looking for a concrete way to get started? We are organizing this camp for aspiring AI safety and strategy researchers. At the camp, you: build connections with others in the field... Read More

Effective Altruism as Global Catastrophe Mitigation

Cross-posted to LessWrong and the Global Risk Research Network   Summary : In this post I posit how all heretofore activities of effective altruism, both of its original three causes and the ones we've seen its inception, essentially fit an evidence-based pattern-recognition system. I delineate the basis of this framework... Read More

BERI's "Project Grants" Program - Round One

[Cross-posting from the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative (BERI) - original post here ] --- We are pleased to announce BERI’s first “Project Grants” round. This kicks off BERI’s larger Individual Grants Program, which we intend to write about in more detail later. Below, we explain the types of projects that... Read More

Want to be more productive?

I’m doing productivity coaching with Effective Altruists to better succeed at your goals and hopefully improve the world. I can work with you to align your motivation, environment, and habits to accomplish tasks more reliably and quickly. “Lynette's coaching clearly decreased the time I spent procrastinating and redirected that time towards... Read More

Reflections on Berkeley REACH

This post covers my findings so far in the experiment of running the Berkeley Rationality and Effective Altruism Community Hub (REACH). Crossposted on EA Forum and LessWrong . tl;dr REACH has been running since March 2018 (around three months) It’s doing well Hundreds of people have enjoyed REACH During the day, there... Read More

The first AI Safety Camp & onwards

co-author:  Linda Linsefors   Summary Last month, 5 teams of up-and-coming researchers gathered to solve concrete problems in AI alignment at our 10-day AI safety research camp in Gran Canaria. This post describes the event format we came up with our experience & lessons learned in running it in Gran... Read More

Animal Equality showed that advocating for diet change works. But is it cost-effective?

This essay was jointly written by Peter Hurford and Marcus A. Davis. All code for analyses contained is available on GitHub . Summary: Animal Equality and Faunalytics put together a field study testing individual video outreach on belief and diet change. They found statistically significant results on both. Together with... Read More

To Grow a Healthy Movement, Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit

This post is co-authored by Nick Fitz and Ari Kagan and is cross-posted from The Life You Can Save's blog . We’ve all met people who will never be open to the ideas of effective altruism (EA) no matter the framing: your neighbor who thinks that doing good is purely... Read More

Lessons for estimating cost-effectiveness (of vaccines) more effectively

This essay was jointly written by Peter Hurford and Marcus A. Davis.   Summary: We investigated the cost-effectiveness of vaccine research and development to learn about how cost-effectiveness estimates are made and where they might go wrong. By doing this, we became far more wary of taking these estimates literally.... Read More

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