Where Some People Donated in 2017

Edited 2018-02-14 to include myself. Edited soon after publication to include ACE staff members’ donations. Thanks to the Facebook commenter who pointed me to them. This is a collection of writings on where people are donating. It only includes writings that I am aware exist (obviously) and that are written... Read More

Lessons for Building Up a Cause

Introduction/Summary 2015 is the year when AI alignment and AI safety took off as causes taken seriously by the academic and industry worlds of AI research and the media. This has largely been attributed to influential world leaders in science and technology like Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.... Read More

[Link] OpenPhil's Update on Cause Prioritization at Open Philanthropy

The Open Philanthropy Project have posted an update on cause prioritization on their website. 

Founders Pledge hiring a Personal & Development Assistant in the US

  (disclaimer in case not evident - I work at FP)   Full ad at  https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/founders-pledge-6bfde02e/personal-development-assistant-d8dc878e   PERSONAL & DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT ($40,000 - $45,000) About Us Founders Pledge is a global community of founders and investors who have collectively pledged more than $420,000,000 of their personal proceeds from exit (business... Read More

Global catastrophic financial risks?

Have there been any good analyses of possible global catastrophic financial risks? I'm thinking of issues such as: 1) narrow AI traders cornering global capital markets through more efficient predictions, trades, and arbitrage, so ordinary folks are left with near-zero equity and pensions 2) blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies disrupting fiat-currency-denominated... Read More

Would it be a good idea to create a 'GiveWell' for U.S. charities?

In 2007, GiveWell was founded with the goal of "giving every donor convenient, usable access to the kind of intelligence and due diligence that is currently exclusive to large grantmakers." Under its original plan, GiveWell would evaluate charities within  seven distinct cause areas  and recommend to donors the best charities within... Read More

How much further does your dollar go overseas?

Background   Let's say you're choosing between donating to a charity that helps people living in a developed country and donating to a charity that helps people living in a developing country. Where will your donation do more good? According to GiveWell,  your dollar will go further overseas .   As far as I'm... Read More

Effective Altruism Sweden plans for 2018

Effective Altruism Sweden will have a full-time employee over the coming year (that’s me, Markus Anderljung). This document outlines the plans of Effective Altruism Sweden and what we’ll do with that extra labor over the coming year. I think that the biggest opportunities in Sweden that we ought to take... Read More

Proposal for the AI Safety Research Camp

Ways in which you can contribute: Give your feedback below or in the  GDoc Apply  to take part in the Gran Canaria camp on 12-22 April  (deadline: 12 February) Join  the Facebook group   Below, we share our plans to launch an AI Safety Research Camp this year (a repost... Read More

How fragile was history?

Elsewhere  (and better): 1 , 2 . If one could go back in time and make a small difference in the past, would one expect it to effect dramatic changes to the future? Questions like these are fertile soil for fiction writers (generally writing under speculative or alternative history) but... Read More

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