Looking for People Interested in Exploring Plant-Based Startups

I'm considering founding a plant-based meat startup and would love to be connected to anyone who is interested in further researching this with me (bio at the end). I’m currently researching this option primarily with Daniel Gastfriend and Joan Gass, two grad students at Harvard and Stanford who are also... Read More

Finding and managing literature on EA topics

Hi! I'm Kat Steiner - a few of you may have met me at EA Global London recently. I'm a librarian at the University of Oxford, so I spend a lot of time working with people on how to find literature (books, journal articles, reports) in their chosen area, how... Read More

Military AI as a Convergent Goal of Self-Improving AI

My new paper with David Denkenberger.   "Military AI as a Convergent Goal of Self-Improving AI" . Forthcoming as a chapter in Artificial Safety And Security (Roman V. Yampolskiy, ed.), CRC Press.   Abstract Better instruments to predict the future evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) are needed, as the destiny... Read More

Blind Empiricism

Previous: Living in an Inadequate World   The thesis that needs to be contrasted with modesty is not the assertion that everyone can beat their civilization all the time. It’s not that we should be the sort of person who sees the world as mad and pursues the strategy of... Read More

An Exploration of Sexual Violence Reduction for Effective Altruism Potential

Sexual violence is an important human rights issue. It’s important because it poses a significant risk of suicidal behavior, because it causes a lot of suffering, and because sex offenders can drastically reduce other people’s progress toward their goals. Sexual violence receives a lot of attention, but attention is not... Read More

An algorithm/flowchart for prioritizing which content to read

Summary: The following is an algorithm/flow-chart I use for literature research/reading EA content/… It is not based on any evidence, but it helps me prioritize a lot.   You feel overwhelmed, because there is just too much content that makes you think “I should read this, it might be really... Read More

Living in an Inadequate World

Previous: Moloch's Toolbox ( pt. 1 , pt. 2 )   Be warned: Trying to put together a background model like the one I sketched in the previous chapter is a pretty perilous undertaking, especially if you don’t have a professional economist checking your work at every stage. Suppose I... Read More

Modesty and diversity: a concrete suggestion

In online discussions, the number of upvotes or likes a contribution receives is often highly correlated with the social status of the author within that community. This makes the community less epistemically diverse, and can contribute to feelings of groupthink or hero worship . Yet both the author of a... Read More

The extraordinary value of ordinary norms

The extraordinary value of ordinary norms This research was conducted during a 5 week fellowship at the Centre for Effective Altruism. With thanks to Stefan Schubert, Max Dalton, Owen Cotton-Barratt, Justis Mills, Danae Arroyos, Patrick Miller, Ben Garfinkel, Alex Barry, Christian Tarsney, and Daniel Kokotajlo for their comments on this... Read More

Moloch's Toolbox (2/2)

Previous: Moloch's Toolbox (1/2)   vii. Sticky traditions in belief-dependent Nash equilibria without common knowledge Cecie:  I could talk next about a tax system that makes it cheaper for corporations to pay for care instead of patients, and how that sets up a host of “decisionmaker is not the beneficiary”... Read More

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