General lessons on how to build EA communities. Lessons from a full-time movement builder, part 2 of 4

Introduction For the past year I have been funded by the EA community in London to grow, run and support the community. When setting out to write up my findings from the last year I decide to split it into a few parts: This document aims to capture my intuitions... Read More

Changing the Government's Approach to Catastrophic Risks

Many Effective Altruists are concerned with catastrophic risks—any potential events that could harm a large portion of humanity. Although we know that these risks need different responses, we recognize that catastrophic risks have a lot in common. By considering several catastrophic risks, we can prioritize our responses based on how... Read More

The Hidden Cost of Shifting Away from Poverty

    The Center for Effective Altruism and effective altruists active in online spaces have for a while now been shifting away from a focus on poverty toward a focus on the far future and meta-level work (and if not that, animal advocacy). Interestingly, the rank and file of effective... Read More

The Effective Altruism Equality and Justice Project

Background Effective Altruism (EA) has successfully grown to become a global community of people who have made helping others a fundamental part of their lives. Its core idea — using evidence and analysis to take actions that help others as much as possible — appeals to a range of people... Read More

EA Survey 2017 Series: Have EA Priorities Changed Over Time?

By Peter Hurford and Tee Barnett   This is the seventh article in the EA Survey 2017 Series.   You can find supporting documents at the bottom of this post, including previous EA surveys conducted by Rethink Charity , and an up-to-date list of articles in the series. Get notified... Read More

Lessons from a full-time community builder. Part 1 of 4. Impact assessment

NOTE: For the past year Sam Hilton has been funded by the EA community in London to grow, run and support the community. This is part 1 of a 4 part write up, broken down as follows: Part 1.   Impact assessment Part 2.   General lessons on how to... Read More

Upcoming drug policy reform conferences

Cross-posted to the Enthea site. Two relevant conferences coming up this October –  Horizons : New York, October 6th to 8th Reform : Atlanta, October 11th to 14th Based on our investigation so far, US drug policy reform appears to be an impactful and tractable cause area – I'd be... Read More

An intervention to shape policy dialogue, communication, and AI research norms for AI safety

A PDF version of this article can be found here . 1 Abstract Discourse on AI safety suffers from heated disagreement between those sceptical and those concerned about existential risk from AI. Framing discussion using strategic choice of language is a subtle but potentially powerful method to shape the direction... Read More

Effective Altruism Grants project update

The Centre for Effective Altruism has distributed its first round of grants through its new Effective Altruism Grants program. The aim of the project is to solve funding constraints for high-impact projects. You can read more about our motivation and aims .   This post details (1) the grants we’ve... Read More

Update on Envision: progress thus far and next steps

I’m the next president of Envision, a student group working to impart a safety-conscious mindset towards technology to future leaders. Last year my predecessor Luca Rade wrote a post which laid out Envision’s mission and how we intend to accomplish it. This post will provide a summary of what Envision... Read More

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