EA Survey 2018 Series: Community Demographics & Characteristics

EA Survey 2018 Series: Community Demographics & Characteristics Summary   The EA survey provides an annual snapshot of the EA community. Although it does not sample randomly from all effective altruists, it does provide an important glimpse at demographic attributes among those who have taken the survey. From these respondents,... Read More

Better models for EA development: a network of communities, not a global community

[EDIT: I recommend to first read this comment which clarifies the raison d'être of this post. The post should make more sense afterwards.] Intro Whenever this post mentions ‘we’, it refers to EA Geneva. This article aims to contribute to developing a better understanding of ‘community building’. It is the... Read More

Berkeley REACH Supporters Update: September 2018


Is it better to be a wild rat or a factory farmed cow? A systematic method for comparing animal welfare.

TLDR : We looked at a lot of different systems to compare welfare and ended up combining a few common ones into a weighted animal welfare index (or welfare points for short). We think this system captures a broad range of ethical considerations and should be applicable across a wide... Read More

EA Grants applications are now open

I’m announcing that the Centre for Effective Altruism’s (CEA) EA Grants project has now been reopened for public applications. If you have a project that you think is worth funding, you can fill out our short application here . Applications close on Sunday, October 14. We expect to run regular... Read More

Giving What We Can is still growing at a surprisingly good pace

Giving What We Can (GWWC) used to have a graph on its site showing how its membership had grown over time. After a website redesign about a year ago it was removed for technical reasons and bringing it back hasn’t yet hit the top of the tech team’s list of... Read More

500 Million, But Not A Single One More

(Originally published Dec 9 2014 on  https://blog.jaibot.com/500-million-but-not-a-single-one-more/ ) We will never know their names. The first victim could not have been recorded, for there was no written language to record it. They were someone’s daughter, or son, and someone’s friend, and they were loved by those around them. And they... Read More

Islands as refuges for surviving global catastrophes

Our paper "Islands as refuges for surviving global catastrophes" is published  in Foresight. The preprint is here .   This article continues a series of articles which explore the  plan B of global risks mitigation which is an attempt to survive a possible global catastrophe (where plan A is prevention, and plan... Read More

EA needs a cause prioritization journal

It's about time that someone started publishing a journal for cause prioritization arguments. It may have open peer review or a traditional formal process, it may come from a reputable academic press or it may be an in-house thing with zero credibility to the outside world, it may publish regular... Read More

Near-Term Effective Altruism Discord

I have started  a Discord server  for near-term effective altruists. (If you haven’t used Discord before, it’s a pretty standard chat server. Most of its functions are fairly self-explanatory.) Most of my effective altruist friends focus on the far future. While far-future effective altruists are great, being around them all... Read More

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