What I Learned from a Year Spent Studying How to Get Policymakers to Use Evidence

Crossposted on zachgroff.com The past year I was a senior research analyst at Northwestern University's Global Poverty Research Lab on a study of evidence-based policy. Specifically, our goal was to work on a question often on researchers' minds: how can I get my ideas acted upon? To do this, I... Read More

Open Thread #41

Use this thread to post things that are awesome, but not awesome enough to be full posts. This is also a great place to post if you don't have enough karma to post on the main forum. Consider giving your post a brief title to improve readability.

Doing vs Talking at EA Events

My first real introduction to EA was in 2012 from an article by Toby Ord: Slate.com/articles/life/ft/2011/01/live_like_a_grad_student_forever.html Before that time, I had read some of Peter Singer’s work related to poverty philosophy.  Since then I’ve been alone, reading and participating in online posts and articles. EA action is very much individual... Read More

HLAI 2018 Field Report

Cross-posted from LW I spent the past week in Prague (natively called Praha, but known widely as Prague via the usual mechanisms others decide your own names) at the Human Level AI multi-conference held between the AGI, BICA, the NeSY conferences. It also featured the Future of AI track, which... Read More

Good news that matters

Reading the news, it feels as if only bad things ever happen in the world. Yet there are a lot of ways the world is getting gradually better. Not hearing about those is likely to give us a skewed view of the world, and prevent us realising we should learn... Read More

How to make an impact in animal advocacy, a survey.

Charity Entrepreneurship conducted a survey of 30 leaders and researchers in the animal advocacy movement to try to get a sense of what cause areas have been working well, and, more specifically, what areas might be most promising for founding new organizations. The individuals were selected by speaking to EA-involved... Read More

Public Opinion about Existential Risk

Summary : An MTurk study of people in the United States (N=395) found median estimates of 1%, 5%, and 20% for the chance of human extinction in 50, 100, and 500 years, respectively. People were fairly confident in their answers and tended to think the government should prioritize preventing human... Read More

Awesome Effective Altruism - a curated list of EA resources

In the tech world, there's been a trend of making "awesome X" lists - essentially lists of great resources on a topic . There didn't seem to be an active one on effective altruism, so I thought I'd make one! You can find it here . I'm keen to get... Read More

EA Facebook Group Greatest Hits: Top 50 Posts by Total Reactions

In the latest Open Thread,  RandomEA requested that someone compile the top posts from the EA Facebook group. I gather Facebook doesn't provide group admins a way to do this, so I decided to attempt it as an opportunity to try my hand at web scraping. Below are the top... Read More

Donations List Website: tutorial and request for feedback

Contents Introduction Tutorial Main page Donor page Donee page Donor–donee page Influencer page Cause area filter About page Request for feedback Did you already know about DLW? Do you use it for anything? Potential improvements – what are your thoughts? Add more foundation giving data Add more individual giving data... Read More

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