Reducing Wild Animal Suffering Literature Library: Introductory Materials, Philosophical & Empirical Foundations

These are reading module put together by the members of the group  Wild Animal Welfare Project Discussion  as part of the  RWAS Literature Library Project . This series of articles and essays together lay out crucial considerations explaining and underpinning the reduction of wild animal suffering (RWAS) as a potential focus area for effective... Read More

Wild Animal Welfare Project Discussion: A One-Year Strategic Review

Summary: One year ago, I started the Facebook group Wild Animal Welfare Project Discussion to coordinate R&D projects in the network of wild animal suffering reducers in effective altruism, and as part of a broader project of figuring out how to coordinate and develop causes within effective altruism. This is... Read More

How beneficial have vaccines been?

This essay was jointly written by Peter Hurford and Marcus A. Davis. Previously we estimated how expensive it is to research and develop a vaccine and also how expensive it is to roll-out a vaccine . If vaccines are to be cost-effective, we need to realise significant benefits in return... Read More

The Life You Can Save's 2017 Annual Report and 2018 Strategic Plan

  The Life You Can Save's Annual Report describes our work and impact in 2017 and our plans for the future. The full report is available here.   Highlights from the Executive Summary are below: We moved over $3.6 million to our Recommended Nonprofits (RNPs) in 2017, while spending less than... Read More

Giving Later in Life: Giving More

I have recently made my first major donation to an EA cause. I have been very convinced by the EA argument for several years, but up until this point I have only made small donations, averaging maybe .5% of my income. This is despite me being older and wealthier than... Read More

Announcing the Effective Altruism Handbook, 2nd edition

Today CEA is releasing the second edition of our Effective Altruism Handbook.   You can get the pdf version here , and we also have epub / mobi versions for people who prefer e-readers.   What is CEA's EA Handbook?   It’s an introduction to some of the core concepts... Read More

Should there be an EA crowdfunding platform?

The Problem As noted in two   recent discussions, there may be many promising EA projects that are unable to secure sufficient funding. The cause seems to be that there are few funding sources for new projects: the Open Philanthropy Project focuses on larger grantees, EA Grants and EA Funds appear staff... Read More

Syllabus for Course on Effective Altruism

Our Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship at Harvard University Effective Altruism Student Group has just published an EA course syllabus that we developed:  http://www.harvardea.org/blog/changemakers We hope this can be a helpful resource for EA groups at other schools to encourage faculty to create new courses on EA.

Please Take the 2018 Effective Altruism Survey!

The 2018 EA Survey has just been released! We hope that as many of you as possible take it via this link .   The survey takes about 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on how extensively you answer the questions. The annual EA Survey is conducted by Rethink Charity ,... Read More

Ten Commandments for Aspiring Superforecasters

Cross-posted to LessWrong In the last several years, political scientist and forecasting research pioneer Philip Tetlock has made waves for the success of his research program in geopolitical forecasting, published in the form of the popular book  Superforecasting .  It's been discussed much in the effective altruism community, and  reviewed... Read More

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