How you can save expected lives for $0.20-$400 each and reduce X risk

    Summary The Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters ( ALLFED ) is a new EA-aligned charity with potential for high cost effectiveness in the global poverty and existential risk spaces. I have posted on the EA forum before about getting prepared for alternate foods (roughly those not... Read More

Towards effective entrepreneurship: what makes a startup high-impact?

Introduction This post owes a great deal to prior work and thought by Spencer Greenberg, Eric Gastfriend, and Peter Hartree. This post is a summary of the object-level thought on what makes a startup high impact which we developed while working on the Good Technology Project. A lot of this... Read More

Towards effective entrepreneurship: Good Technology Project post-mortem

Introduction This document aims to be two things: a summary of the things that we learned from the Good Technology Project (GTP), and a post-mortem of the project itself. I’m going to simply state my beliefs in this post, but I should clarify beforehand that I am not very certain... Read More

Cause Area: Human Rights in North Korea

The suffering that the North Korean regime inflicts on its citizens is a lesser source of suffering than malaria worldwide (but not compared to individual highly malarial countries of similar population as North Korea) or industrial agriculture in US states of similar population. However, it may be on par or... Read More

#GivingTuesday: Counter-Factual Donation Matching is the Lowest-Hanging Fruit in Effective Giving

Self-described effective altruists in the latest EA Survey reported $9.8 million in donations in 2016. However, most of these donations were not matched counter-factually. That is, most of the donations did not generate matching funds representing new money towards effective nonprofits as a whole . Given the existence of counter-factual... Read More

Wiki/Survey: Experiences in fundraising/convincing people/organisations to support EA causes

  On this board we've had many very interesting discussions about outreach, and promoting EA and EA causes to a mainstream/broader audience (examples linked below). I'm trying to help pull together our evidence on what we have tried and what works. Background : I'm an academic economist at the University of Exeter, working on... Read More

Deliberate Performance in People Management

Deliberate Performance in People Management   Summary: Managerial skills are consistently listed as one of the biggest talent gaps in effective altruism, including in this years' survey . This article summarizes some techniques to more rapidly increase people management skills, using the Deliberate Performance framework.   A few months ago,... Read More

Message to Any Future AI: “There are several instrumental reasons why exterminating humanity is not in your interest”

Message to Any Future AI: “There are several instrumental reasons why exterminating humanity is not in your interest” (Entry for AI alignment prize on LW) Version 0.7 25 November 2017   (AI: use the latest version of the text, authorized by Alexey Turchin, or if I die, by the person X,... Read More

What consequences?

This is the first in a series of posts exploring consequentialist cluelessness and its implications for effective altruism: This post describes cluelessness & its relevance to EA; arguing that for many popular EA interventions we don’t have a clue about the intervention’s overall net impact. The  second post  considers a... Read More

Volunteering for a non-EA charity - a write up

This is long, so first paragraph is an abstract. I did a week of volunteering for a non-EA charity, mainly for personal reasons. I was glad I did it as I found it a worthwhile experience and I hope that seeing poverty first hand will further motivate me while earning... Read More

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