Introducing Sentience Institute

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new EA organization, Sentience Institute (SI). It’s a new think tank dedicated to the expansion of humanity’s moral circle. We envision a society in which the interests of all sentient beings are fully considered, regardless of their sex, race, species, substrate, location,... Read More

Discussion: Adding New Funds to EA Funds

  In our EA Funds launch post , we noted that:   [I]n the future we hope to encourage new fund managers to create new funds with different focus areas than the current options.   As our three-month trial draws to a close we’re now thinking more seriously about adding... Read More

Considering Considerateness: Why communities of do-gooders should be exceptionally considerate

The CEA research team just published a new paper - Considering Considerateness: Why communities of do-gooders should be exceptionally considerate  ( PDF version ). The paper is co-authored by Stefan Schubert, Ben Garfinkel, and Owen Cotton-Barratt.  Summary When interacting with others you can be considerate of their preferences, for instance by... Read More

.impact is now Rethink Charity

I’m Tee Barnett – and in the last couple of months I’ve transitioned into the Executive Director role at .impact. I wanted to reintroduce myself and brief everyone on significant developments over here, including our rebranding, unification of major projects, and staff updates. You can reach me here if you’d like... Read More

Red teaming GiveWell

  I aim to red team GiveWell’s recommendations and methodology from several perspectives in this article. This articles assumes familiarity with GiveWell’s methodology and recommended charities.   Disclaimer: At the time of writing, GiveWell recommended four charities : - Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) - Evidence Action - Against Malaria Foundation... Read More

Give if you win (innovation in fundraising)

I’m an academic Economist at the University of Exeter, working on a project called ‘ Give if you win ’. Here's a summary: Millions of employees anticipate end-of-year bonuses and performance-dependent income, particularly in finance and sales. Before these are announced many are uncertain of what size reward, if any,... Read More

The Giving Game Project's Vision and Strategic Plan

Cross-posted from The Life You Can Save's blog.   The Giving Game Project has an ambitious goal: we want to provide philanthropy education at a scale that will fundamentally shift the way people learn about, and practice, charitable giving.  Why do we think we can achieve this goal, and how... Read More

Returns Functions and Funding Gaps

As organisations receive more funding, the value of extra funding changes. This is relevant for donation decisions. People have used various concepts to discuss this feature: Room for more funding Funding gaps Diminishing (marginal) returns  In this pair of posts I discuss what people might mean by these different terms:... Read More

Political Ideology

The science of well-being is roughly the same in Victoria (Australia), where I live, as elsewhere in the Western world: In Victoria, Australia - home ownership, marriage, sleep, not smoking, not being obese, drinking (and binge drinking), a household income of 40,000+ (any higher makes no difference), better relationships, lack... Read More

Relationships and well-being

Relationship satisfaction is a major determinant of overall well-being. However, it has a counterintuitive relationship with relationship ‘success’ - as defined by the endurance of a relationship in the long term. You see, the most authoritative research on relationship success indicates that the keys to success are commitment, positive illusions... Read More

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