How much does work in AI safety help the world? Probability distribution version (Oxford Prioritisation Project)

By Tom Sittler 2017-04-26 We're centralising all discussion on the Effective Altruism forum. To discuss this post, please comment here. The Global Priorities Project (GPP) has a model quantifying the impact of adding a researcher to the field of AI safety. Quoting from GPP: There’s been some discussion lately about... Read More

Informatica: Special Issue on Superintelligence

A special issue on Superintelligence is coming up at the journal Informatica . The call for proposals is given below. We would welcome submissions from a range of perspectives, including philosophical and other fields that effective altruists may work in. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction Since the inception of the field of artificial... Read More

Physical punishment of children: the neglected $3.6 trillion/year? problem

Trigger warning: child abuse, physical punishment, violence, human rights abuse, animal cruelty, depression, suicide Introduction In this article, I will discuss an issue which I think EAs or EA organizations should give due attention to but haven't much yet ("neglected"), physical punishment of children ( non-adult humans ). According to... Read More

The Life You Can Save's 2016 Annual Report

The Life You Can Save’s 2016 Annual Report is out! Highlights of the year: We moved $2.7 million to our Recommended Nonprofits in 2016, while spending ~$300,000 on our operating expenses. This means that for every $1 we spent, we raised about $9 for our Recommended Nonprofits. Growth was strong... Read More

Job: Country Manager needed for Germany at Founders Pledge

Founders Pledge is looking for someone to lead our growth and community in Berlin. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to raise a huge amount of money for effective charities and build an unrivalled network in the Berlin startup scene. To apply please send a short email... Read More

Charity Evaluators: first model and open questions (Oxford Prioritisation Project)

2017-04-25 By Dominik Peters (with Tom Sittler) Cross posted to the Oxford Prioritisation Project blog . We're centralising all discussion on the Effective Altruism forum. To discuss this post, please comment here. Abstract. We describe a simple simulation model for the recommendations of a charity evaluator like GiveWell or ACE. The... Read More

The 2017 Effective Altruism Survey - Please Take!

This year, the EA Survey volunteer team is proud to announce the launch of the 2017 Effective Altruism Survey . - PLEASE TAKE THIS SURVEY NOW! :) If you're short on time and you've taken the survey in prior years, you can take an abridged donations-only version of the survey... Read More

Effective altruism is self-recommending

A parent I know reports (some details anonymized): Recently we bought my 3-year-old daughter a "behavior chart," in which she can earn stickers for achievements like not throwing tantrums, eating fruits and vegetables, and going to sleep on time. We successfully impressed on her that a major goal each day... Read More

Update on Effective Altruism Funds

This post is an update on the progress of Effective Altruism Funds. If you’re not familiar with EA Funds please check out our launch post and our original concept post . The EA Funds website is here.   EA Funds launched on February 28, 2017. In our launch post we... Read More

Intro to caring about AI alignment as an EA cause

I recently gave a talk at Google on the problem of aligning smarter-than-human AI with operators' goals. Below is a modified transcript, in case people here are interested. I think it provides a decent introduction to "AI risk" as a cause-area worthy of attention from effective altruists. I post it... Read More

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