Intuition Jousting: What It Is And Why It Should Stop

Originally posted on  my blog . Over the past year or so I’ve become steadily more aware of and annoyed by a phenomeon I’m going to call, for lack of a better term, ‘intuition jousting’ (‘IJ’). My experience, and obviously I can only speak for my own, is that IJ... Read More

Utopia In The Fog

Cross-posted from my new blog. The last several years have witnessed a strong rise of activity on the topic of AI safety. Institutional and academic support has vindicated several elements of the embryonic Friendly AI research program. However, I believe that the degree of attention it has received is undue... Read More

Concrete project lists

There are lots of important project ideas in EA that people could work on, and I’d like to encourage people to explore more . When I was looking for projects to work on, I had difficulty thinking of what needed doing apart from obvious projects like raising money for GiveWell-recommended... Read More

Effective altruism: an elucidation and a defence

By John Halstead, Stefan Schubert, Joseph Millum, Mark Engelbert, Hayden Wilkinson, and James Snowden. Cross-posted from the Centre for Effective Altruism blog . A direct link to the article can be found here . Abstract In this paper, we discuss Iason Gabriel’s recent piece on criticisms of effective altruism .... Read More

CEA's strategic update for February 2017

Below is CEA's strategic update for February 2017.  I'm going to take over sharing these updates. If you'd like to receive them by email just comment or contact me to let me know. I will be posting these updates on the CEA blog moving forward. I'm sharing this one here... Read More

Hard-to-reverse decisions destroy option value

This post is co-authored with Ben Garfinkel. It is cross-posted from the CEA blog . A PDF version can be found here . Summary: Some strategic decisions available to the effective altruism movement may be difficult to reverse. One example is making the movement’s brand explicitly political. Another is growing... Read More

Daniel May: "Should we make a grant to a meta-charity?" (Oxford Prioritisation Project)

Should we make a grant to a meta-charity? By Daniel May. We're centralising all discussion on the Effective Altruism forum, so please comment here. Summary I introduce the concept of meta-charity, discuss some considerations for OxPrio, and look into how meta-charities evaluate their impact, and the reliability of these figures for... Read More

Alice and Bob on big-picture worldviews (Oxford Prioritisation Project)

By Tom Sittler These are conversation notes from a conversation on 2017-03-02 where two Oxford Prioritisation Project members shared their big-picture worldviews. They talk about hard questions openly, without worrying about clearly explaining or rigorously backing their views to the usual standard of the Oxford Prioritisation Project blog. As a... Read More

[link] 'Crucial Considerations and Wise Philanthropy', by Nick Bostrom

On July 9th, 2014, Nick Bostrom gave a talk on Crucial Considerations and Wise Philanthropy at Good Done Right, a conference on effective altruism held at All Souls College, Oxford. I found the talk so valuable that I decided to transcribe it. You can find it here .

Open Thread #36

Hello, EA Forum! Here is an open thread. I will kick it off by asking what thoughts people have on saving for retirement while donating more than a set 10% of income. I am likely to have a relatively high paying job within a few months and don't plan on spending... Read More

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