Introducing the Oxford Prioritisation Project blog

Cross-posted here . The Oxford Prioritisation Project is a new research group in the effective altruism community. The Project’s goal is to allocate £10,000 to an organisation that accepts donations, in the way that will have the greatest positive impact. As a team , we are conducting in-depth research on... Read More

Use "care" with care.

I'm an employee of the Centre for Effective Altruism, but my thoughts are not necessarily those of my employer. As someone who frequents the EA community in the Bay Area, there's a verbal habit that I've heard a lot and of which I think we should be wary. In discussing what... Read More

Outcome of GWWC Outreach Experiment

Summary   I ran a 20-day pre-registered experiment where 6 different participants who have not recently talked about Giving What We Can were asked to contact their friends to talk about Giving What We Can. A total of 14 people were contacted, 6 expressed interest, and as of 2/8/2017, 0... Read More

Introducing the EA Funds

Update: The EA Funds has launched !  This post introduces a new project that CEA is working on, which we’re calling the Effective Altruism Funds. Some details about this idea are below. We’d really appreciate community feedback about whether this is the kind of thing they’d like to see CEA... Read More

Anonymous EA comments

After seeing some of the debate last month about effective altruism's information-sharing / honesty / criticism norms (see Sarah Constantin's follow-up and replies from Holly Elmore ( 1 , 2 ), Rob Wiblin ( 1 ,  2 ),  Jacy Rees , Christopher Byrd ), I decided to experiment with an... Read More

What if you’re working on the wrong cause? Preliminary thoughts on how long to spend exploring vs exploiting.

  Summary If your main contribution to EA is time, how long should you spend trying to figure out the best thing to do before you switch to taking action? The EA community has spent a lot of time thinking about this question as it relates to money, but money... Read More

Clarifying the Giving What We Can pledge

CEA has gotten a lot of questions about the Giving What We Can pledge lately, and we’d like to answer them here. We've also updated our  Frequently Asked Questions page  and other parts of our website to reflect recent questions.  What is the Pledge? This is the Pledge To Give :... Read More

Proposed methodology for leafleting study

After some of the recent controversy about the state of the evidence supporting ACE’s recommendations [1] I started thinking about how best we could study leafleting, and I think there is a strong opportunity for someone to do a much higher power study than has been managed before, with relatively... Read More

EA should invest more in exploration

[Epistemic status: strongly stated, weakly held] When faced with problems that involve ongoing learning, most strategies involve a balance between "exploration" and "exploitation". Exploration means taking opportunities that increase your knowledge about how good your opportunities are, whereas exploitation means putting resources into what you currently believe is the best... Read More

Selecting investments based on covariance with the value of charities

Edit: after doing some basic estimates, I've found that the value of doing this is very low, generally less than 100 basis points: http://i.imgur.com/9of14il.png Therefore this strategy would only make any sense as a tiebreaker between very similar investments. - All of my investments are split between US stocks, US... Read More

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